January 5-9, 2019

This year we struck a balance of volunteerism and relaxation during our annual company retreat.

5-7 Jan 2019, Dhammagiri

Together with friends from Bangkok, 3nity conducted a stone art and dessert making workshop for the children of Dhammagiri. Breaking into two groups, children learned to conceptualise before execution through making and drawing. We were beyond impressed that the children were producing some amazing outcomes. At night, all of us sat down in a circle and had a short sharing session. Joseph also shared some of his useful advice about future pathway.

On the next day, we drove all the way up to a hill to catch the first sunrise. With hot coffee in hand and beautiful people around us, we took a moment to enjoy and savor the quiet calmness in the morning.

6-9 Jan 2019 Chiangmai

3nity began the year with a ‘sabai-sabai’ trip to Chiangmai, a playground for the creatives, foodies & adventurers. Within walking distance from our boutique hotel, we took a short evening stroll around Nimman, a bustling neighbourhood crammed with artisan cafes, inspirational galleries and design shops.

We did some shopping at Chiangmai's oldest market - Warorot Market, a place where no one will ever walk out empty-handed. They offered a tantalising selection of food, from preserved fruits to cured meat products to candies. Eventually Kah Fai was loaded down with bags full of snacks! We wrapped up our final day with an exquisite dinner at Kiaw Kai Fa, a Michelin-starred Thai restaurant.

A big thank you to everyone for making this trip so well planned, full of laughter and memorable.

jəə gan mài (see you again), Chiangmai!

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