December 13, 2013

KAOHSIUNG CITY, TAIWAN — Tour the works of over 250 artists, designers, musicians, entrepreneurs, and others in a visual multimedia extravaganza of creativity across 10 cities in the Asia-Pacific today.

CREATIVE©ITIES is a project inspired by how the “creative city” defines the aspirations of cities around the world today. It maps out what this new world looks like through the people, projects, products and places, recommended by creators living in these cities. This inaugural exhibition looks at 10 cities in the Asia-Pacific that are leading this wave of change — Kaohsiung, Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo — and showcases over 1,200 projects produced by their creatives.

“CREATIVE©ITIES is a visual collection of the people, places and projects that shapes the city’s creative scene. We have invited the creators to help us map the creativity and stories of their cities ” said exhibition curator Jackson Tan.

Kaohsiung Design Festival

picture by Caleb Ming

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