In Milache village, off the trail towards the Annapurna base camp of Nepal, a group of friends have come together to set up a learning space with the local communities to encourage literacy among their children.

The ABC idea was sparked by one trekker’s experience of being constantly asked for chocolates by the children. Concerned for their future, he and his friends hope to transform the young lives belonging to the lowest caste by inspiring them to value knowledge and develop a reading habit. Thus, a learning space has been set-up, where children will get their well-deserved treats when they read and learn.

The Book

“My ABC in Annapurna” is a children’s book created to aid the teaching of basic English skills. It’s designed to be relevant to the everyday lives of the children in Milache – what they see, experience and come in contact with on a daily basis.

The Styling

The book is presented with lively colours, forms and textural effects to attract the children’s eyes. The uniqueness of this book’s concept lies in the formation of the sentences by using the first letter of the 26 alphabets. Visually, each letter is also fused with the graphic representation itself.



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