In Milache village, off the trail towards the Annapurna base camp of Nepal, a group of friends have come together to set up a learning space with the local communities to encourage literacy among their children.

The ABC idea was sparked by one trekker’s experience of being constantly asked for chocolates by the children. Concerned for their future, he and his friends hope to transform the young lives belonging to the lowest caste by inspiring them to value knowledge and develop a reading habit. Thus, a learning space has been set-up, where children will get their well-deserved treats when they read and learn.

Annually, 70,000 trekkers pass by the region, which lends sustainability to the project. Although ABC will periodically depend on their goodwill in the donation of books, chocolates and even a little time; local volunteers and the community will actively participate in and manage the learning space. This concept creates an exciting educational opportunity for children and local volunteers alike as more tools will be curated as the need arises to make the space alive and relevant to the community.

By air, on road, off road, by foot. Our journey to the ABC learning space at Milache village, Nepal.

Painting the façade.

Cleaning, repairing, preparing and stocking the library. The shelfs, books and stools were hand carried to the village.

A Book / Chocolate, please? You may leave your chocolates or books at the ABC learning space. The children will also be delighted to learn English or any other skills from you. It takes more than a village to raise a child, so we hope that your giving will help them to build character. Dhanyabad!

The children of Kumrung, Malache enjoying the library.



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