Client: Oloiya ( 我來也 )
Scope: Packaging Design. Supported by Oloiya & Ornapaper.

I’MPERFECT is a movement that encourages the acceptance of an imperfect world through partnerships around the globe. We work to consciously improve our usage of resources and people relations to create a more harmonious world.

The world we live in is imperfect. If there were a perfect world, we would have no place to grow, transform or evolve. So imperfection is natural, because within it, there lies the seed of perfection. On the other hand, imperfection is subjective, as different people may have different perspective; imperfection is conditional, as someone or something imperfect in one context may be perfect in another.

OLOIYA and I’MPERFECT present to you a novel way to enjoy your favourite dried meat delicacies. These are the odd-shaped pieces that are not perfectly shaped but taste just as great, if not better, because you’ll be contributing to a good cause.