Client: Jimart
Scope: Brand Identity / Social Media Design / Video Editing / Animation / Poster Design / Packaging Design

Superwomanku is a movement dedicated to discovering the legacies of ordinary women, with a special focus on those from the B40 community, while empowering them during Women's Month in March. Our belief is that the superwoman in our lives should not be defined solely by great success stories. She encompasses the roles of a mother, a friend, a wife, an employer—she is exceptional in her everyday life. 

Within this movement, we remember, salute, and celebrate the superwoman whose work often goes unseen and whose stories may go unheard. Yet, her actions have made a profound impact on the lives of others.

Jimart, a neighbourhood-oriented home supplies store that believes in making a difference for the community, has embraced this movement and put it into practice. Superwomanku has become the embodiment of their brand journey, elevating Jimart to more than just a local business.



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