Unapologetic is a collection of poetry and short stories addressing themes as diverse as faith, sexuality, loss, passion, hate, change, illness, rage, love, female circumcision and world confl icts. The book is given a minimalist’s design direction (inspired by New Order album cover) with a black-and-white only colour scheme to ensure clear focus on the author’s words and a size reminiscent of a diary. Within, some writings were given special typographic treatment and some were interspersed with moody pictures. Text was set completely in lowercase, allowing the reader to start at any sentence on any page and create his /her own interpretation of the writings. The book jacket comes in black and white with a die-cut that ‘underlines’ the book title and reveals the grey hardcover, symbolizing the fact that life is indeed grey; always a mixture of black and white, ups and downs, good and bad. And even so, in Tina’s words, “Life must be lived with passion, with tenderness, with courage. So the soul does not hunger. So it does not become apologetic.” We also designed name cards and a series of posters for the launch of the book. Unapologetic is available in major bookstores in Malaysia and selected bookstores overseas.



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