Joseph Foo

Strategic Creative Director

Joseph Foo is a creative director of 3nity, an award-winning multi-disciplinary brand identity consultancy in Malaysia. He founded the company alongside Leong Kah Fai and Luke Teong.

Joseph focuses on community-centred and educational initiatives. He actively champions social innovation with his clients, aiming to create a positive impact on both their businesses and the local community. As co-founder and president of Kongsikl and co-founder of RexKL, Joseph is  involved in repurposing old buildings in Kuala Lumpur. Such initiatives have breathed new economic life into these spaces and catalysed the incubation and growth of social enterprises, arts, and culture in the surrounding communities.

Joseph represented Malaysia and the global design community as a distinguished member of the first International Design Jury at The Cannes Lions Festival. Recently, he chaired the design section of the London International Awards (Chinese Creativity Show) in Las Vegas, USA. He has also been a jury member for the 2018 One Show Greater China Awards in Shanghai, TopAwards Asia in Japan, and Creative Circle Awards in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Currently, Joseph holds advisory positions on the boards of the DESIAP (Design & Social Innovation in Asia-Pacific) leadership mentoring program and the School of the Arts at the University of Science Malaysia (ICAP). He also teaches and conducts workshops at institutions across Asia, Europe, the UK, and the US.

He plays a central role in the Neighbour Programme, a 'research as practice' initiative aimed at reconnecting Art and Design institutions in Southeast Asia. Most recently, he was instrumental in founding the Klang River Festival (2022-23) with Kakikongsi and is a member of the curatorial team for the Guangzhou Triennial (2024).

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